be mindful beverages

A few months after starting my digital agency, Dot Slash Digital, our Director of Design met the founders of a recently established beverage startup. The startup, be mindful beverages, is aiming to disrupt the beverage industry through all-natural, organic, and clean label energy drinks. I'll admit, I was curious, but extremely skeptical. After hearing their pitch, I still had some small doubts, but I couldn't help but feel ecstatic to make this dream a reality. We hit the ground running and used our unique skillset to build the brand from scratch upon joining the team. One of the many things we crafted was the can design, a visual experience that takes consumers on a journey of refreshing flavors through simple ingredients before they even taste the beverage. Our first two flavors, Lemon Ginger and Blueberry Basil, will be available starting in October 2019.
Summer 2018 — Present
Web Development
Graphic Design
Brand Strategy & Identity
Social Media Marketing